PO failų atnaujinimas/„Translate Toolkit“ įrankiai

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Atnaujinam PO iš POT
$ msgmerge -vU senas_išverstas.po naujas_pot_kuriame_yra_kelios_naujos_eilutės.po
„Translate Toolkit“ įrankiai 
oo2po – OpenOffice.org SDF converter
moz2po – Mozilla .properties and .dtd converter. Works with Firefox and Thunderbird
csv2po – Comma Seperated Value (CSV) converter. Useful for doing translations using a spreadsheet.
ts2po – Qt .ts converter
txt2po – Plain text to PO converter
html2po – HTML converter
xliff2po – XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) converter
po2tmx – TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) convertor
pot2po – initialise PO Template files for translation
csv2tbx – Create TBX (TermBase eXchange) files from Comma Seperated Value (CSV) files
tiki2po – convert TikiWiki translation files to po
pocompile – create an MO (Machine Object) file from a PO file
poconflict – extract messages that have conflicting translation
pocount – Count words and string in PO files
podebug – Add debug strings to messages
pofilter – filter PO files to find common errors using a number of tests
pogrep – find strings in your PO files
pomerge – merge file extracted using pofilter back into the original files
porestructure – restructures po files according to poconflict directives
lookupserver – a server that can be queried with XML-RPC to lookup strings in a storage format
mozcvs2pot – Convert files in Mozilla CVS layout to Mozilla’s l10n layout
phase – Helps manage a project divided into phases of work, including sending, checking, etc
pocompendium – Creates various types of PO compendium
poen – Initialises POT files to English translations
pomigrate2 – Migrate older PO files to new POT files
popuretext – Extracts all the source text from a directory of POT files
posplit – Split a PO file into translate, untranslated and fuzzy files
poreencode – Converts PO files to a new character encoding
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